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If you can call a pokemon by its new name as soon as it evolves, why is it so hard to do the same for trans* people?

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I think my kitty loves me

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Why no, definitely not obsessing over costume construction.

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Totoro Plush Slippers

Keep your feet warm with your own pair of gray Totoro slippers from the classic animated movie, My Neighbor Totoro! Totoro wears his own Leaf Hat as an umbrella. Soft, fluffy and very flexible. Currently on sale for just $10.98 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon!


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oh my god

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hey guys hey look deadpool test footage!!!~ 

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Been waiting a year to post this.

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Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Wire-wrapping techniques are used to fasten this piece of rainbow moonstone to an o-chain. Rainbow moonstone is a smooth-surfaced gemstone, light blue in color. Available in silver and gold finishes. Sold on Etsy.

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(Masks by MummersCat on deviantART)

highlyflammableman !! The first or second ones, whenever we can do the Green Man thing :3

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Toradora broke my heart and then delicately put it back together with super glue.

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Toradora! is horrible and terrible and wonderful and gut-wrenching AND ALL OF YOU SHOULD WATCH IT

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I heard there’s No Rest For The Wicked

So I won’t be sleeping when I’m dead…