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It would appear my body is still trying to run on DragonCon time.

4 hours of sleep? Time to get up!!

like dude, no, stop

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"Jarvis, add this gif set to my queue."
"would you like me to remove the ‘soft grunge’ caption, sir?"
"Not .."
[fires pulse blast]
”.. that one. The spanking one.”
"of course, sir. my apologies. Shall I tag Miss Pots?"
“what do you think, Jarvis?”
"tagging Miss Pots, sir.”

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Several times!! I took a couple of videos, too. How do you know about Marc??

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I’ve never enjoyed sitting in a dark, somewhat suspect, and probably no-entry-allowed hallway more than that.

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Boy got Muffy new toys :3

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Oh crazy religious propaganda, ilu

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Roc signed my bangle!!!

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The Power Rangers have left their car to do flips

DragonCon TV parade broadcast  
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Good morning :]

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KIll La Kill
Rita and Emelia as models
photo by me

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if I were to post a screenshot of my character walking on water because I have Ahzidal’s Boots of Waterwalking and said JESUS MODE would anyone still talk to me

Have I mentioned recently how much I adore Chirp?

The poison. The poison for weakness to poison, the poison chosen especially to kill strength to poison, poison weakness poison. That poison? 

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  • <b> <b></b> Jay:</b> Rickrack. Why is that something I can get from a monster?<p><b>Muffy:</b> Maybe the monster likes to craft. Maybe they're into DIY.<p><p>
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Anonymous :

i bet you're ugly once you take all those makeup and filters off


actually I’m cute as heck


how embarrassing for you

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everyone pours a beer into the same snifter they were drinking wine from once the wine is gone, right?

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Merrill - Dragon Age II