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I s2g there are less straight cousins than gay cousins. 

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The most amazing part of Swan Princess is when Derek runs around the castle looking at everything like “IS THIS MUSIC SWAN ENOUGH??” “IS THE FOOD SWAN FOOD?” “WHO PICKED THESE COLORS THEY ARE DEF GONNA CLASH WITH MY SWAN GF” 

It is by far the most amazing moment of all time and I love it so much and I can’t explain to you why its so good except that every time we watch it Rachel goes “I’m gonna FUCK A SWAN” and it cracks me up.

I’m gonna FUCK A SWAN

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first kiss: queer women

this is infinitely cuter than that strangers kiss for a clothing label ad or homophobes hug gay people video

This is so adorable and makes me happy

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If anyone knows the source of this I’m curious. rapunzelie would like these I think

really just further proof that beards make everything better

browsin tumblr




Hello there, Princess.

oh my god

Need a sidekick? 

Of course! Why not? You seem a pleasant fellow.

Although we’re going to have to work on that beard of yours. Seems a bit sparse.

I call arch-nemesis!

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Snowdrops came up today, not a sign of Spring, but more of a sign to nearing the end of Winter

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Kill la Kill is an amazing anime because the animation can go from



imageIn the span of a single episode.

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Then gimmie yo address, fool!

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godofpassage replied to your post “I’m putting letters out to stilettoslytherin and acyanrust later…”

no im writing you a letter first. not sure if i have your current address though

Aww yes. :D 

phorgewerk replied to your post “I’m putting letters out to stilettoslytherin and acyanrust later…”

only if this time it doesnt have a glitter surprise in it

…okay, I promise FOR YOU no glitter. These other people will receive no glitter remorse. (Though your address is buried deep in my inbox… would you mind sending it again so I can add it to my address book? :P )

wildhaunt replied to your post “I’m putting letters out to stilettoslytherin and acyanrust later…”

Sure! ♥ Would you like one in return?

Oooh, only if you’d like! No obligations :D I would need your address though <3

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Anonymous said:

Your interest are cool your humor is great your taste in music is amazing and I think you're flawless. You make me want to keep going in life... and I'd hate to make this about myself but I really do smile when I see that url so thank ya for existing

*Rolls around on the bed for 5 minutes*

Grey_Faic, you are far too sweet, and (I think) you give me too much credit.

That being said, out of the things that keep you going, I am honored beyond belief that I am a part of that for you. Please keep going; keep living, keep smiling. If you ever need to talk off anon, I’m always around. *Hugs your face off*

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Well I was in a dead sleep… Now I’m wide the hell awake.

Ask me things!

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oh fuck he getting it

this video is so good-hearted. this video has never failed to make me smile

omg you think he’s just gonna awkwardly old-white-man-dance in the corner before retreating from shame but he gOES FOR IT AND IT’S AMAZING

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Take care of yourself. Don’t think of yourself as just 1 being. Think of yourself as a tiny bird that you need to muster strength for. Think of yourself as a fragile chicklet that needs to be nurtured and strengthened. Love yourself like somebody that you would want to meet and hang around with. And of course, remember to do it slowly. Very, fucking slowly. Because if you race forward too fast, you’re only going to hurt yourself faster.

And when that progress stops, it will hurt. Progress cannot continue on a straight path forever. It will meander. Some days it’ll feel like you went back four steps. You’ll start working out for a week, and you’ll be doing well at school, and then suddenly a month goes by where you did nothing again. Where you ran back into your cave and feared the world, because you hated yourself. But remember, pitfalls are all just part of life. There is no failure. As long as you get back up again and try, things will never be over. So after a month or two months or half a year of hurting again, you’ll get back up, because you’ll get sick of being stuck, and you’ll start moving forward again, and you’ll start remembering all the lessons that you’ve taught yourself all over again, and then you’ll progress once more, and then you’ll fall, and then you’ll hide, and then you’ll get stuck, and then you’ll start moving forward once more and everything will go on forever. But each time, it’ll be a little be farther, a little bit easier, and you’ll feel a little bit better. Cause that’s how life goes.

The final piece of advice I have is this: Breath. Every time you do anything, any little thing, take a long breath and live in the now. Try to enjoy the moment of whatever you are doing. Try to enjoy the small and fine details of the process, instead of worrying about results and pride. People don’t give a shit. Just make sure to take care of yourself. That is all that is asked of you. Breath, enjoy, and love.

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Never over it.

Never forget.

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I’m putting letters out to stilettoslytherin and acyanrust later tonight. Does anybody else want a snailmail note? :3