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endless gathering and riesling is a good plan, right? right.

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DIY Daisy Vans - mini silk flowers + Vans. Do you know the original source of the top photo? I google image searched it and got weheartit to tumblr to pinterest to weheart it. You can find mini silk flower in the bridal section of the Dollar Store or any craft store.

this makes me think of ghostyventures and gierlichmypussy :)))

#DIY #try
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using Elmer’s Glue instead of buying hella expensive pore strips was the best idea 

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These nail polish flowers are absolutely amazing!

What? What? What???

Yep! Though watch this Threadbanger video to get the magic trick :P

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My very first coat. I made it. I nerded out about it. I blogged about it. There are pictures.

oh WOW

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that moment right after your first cut into diy-ing a shirt you really like


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There’s a disturbance in The Force … It’s time to construct your lightsaber

This is the best sponsored post I’ve seen on dash, bar none. 4 for you, Home Depot. You go, Home Depot.

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I made some shitty holsters out of scrap I had laying around my room. Now I have a place to hold my shit whenever I don’t have pockets :3

fucking snazzy~!

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2am is the best time for diy

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possible patches: 

  • moon phase patch
  • "snatch kisses and vice versa"
  • whiskey heart patch [mmm whiskey]
  • rat [ouroboros maybe?]

If you have any suggestions, put ‘em in my box!